Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How To Be Influential In One Minute

Here's a way to be more influential in less than one minute. Did you know that a simple comment like having a problem with parking or being late to a meeting can effect your physiology? Negative thoughts, attitudes and conversation obviously have an impact on others around you and your ability to be influential. But, it can also be physically measured in less than one (1) minute and accumulate in your body, which effects your physiology, just like bad eating can build fat. The long-term impact on your own body’s physiology is incredibly damaging, but fortunately can be changed. 

Put on a blood pressure and heart monitor and talk about a "passionate" subject like politics, or complain about something simple or frustrating like traffic and watch how the monitors respond. Even if you feel that you're being calm when making the negative comment, you'll be amazed at how the simplest comment will cause your body to increase your blood pressure or adrenalin. This physiological response continuously builds, similar to going to the gym and regularly lifting weights, or going to class and practicing a new technique. It's accumulative, just like a bad diet can build fat.

Want to change your health AND your ability to be influential in less than one minute? Then change your perspective starting with your thoughts and language. 

-Ken Sergi

(c) Ken Sergi

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