Wednesday, May 12, 2021

MEETINGS: Ground Rules

Use these "Ground Rules" when conducting meetings.  The image to the right is a jpg. Click it to view the larger version and download it.  

Click here for a PDF version.

Or copy the text below to insert into your own document:
1. Arrive on time to ensure starting and ending on time;
2. Have agenda and come prepared;
3. Be concise, stay on topic (use "parking lot" items);
4. No disruptions: phone, email, text, side conversations;
5. Ask clarifying questions if you don't understand;
6. Value the strength of diverse input;
7. Demonstrate mutual respect, no negative criticism;
8. If you disagree, propose a solution;
9. Respect confidentiality;
10. Have fun / use humor.

Click here for additional tips on how to conduct an effective meeting.

- Ken Sergi